Focusing on farming.

Agricultural fuel services for South Western Ontario -fuel, and quality lubricants that save you both time and money.


On-Site Refuelling

Gasoline, clear or dyed diesel, Foxton Fuels understands the importance of your tanks being kept full. Whether you are harvesting or heating a barn and we deliver best-in-class service safely and reliably to your site.

Foxton Fuels works with our customers & equipment suppliers to design & assemble storage & dispensing equipment that meets your specific needs. Whether you need a 400L slip tank or a 25,000L remote dispensing system we have the resources and know how to put it together.

Why Bulk Delivery?

  • Store fuel directly on-site so you can access it any time in any quantity
  • Lower operating costs
  • Tank monitors allow us to make sure the fuel products are there when you need them
  • If you need to upgrade your current on-site tank or set up a new one, we’re happy to assist you

Agricultural Fuels

  • We can supply tanks and pumps set up to code by our licensed technicians.
  • Our seven fuel trucks can deliver clear diesel, dyed diesel and gasoline to your farm on an automatic basis or you can call in when you need it.
  • All of our fuel trucks have side compartments and can deliver lubricants to your farm with your fuel.
  • Ask us about our “no-nonsense lubricants warranty”.

Ottawa’s Carbon Tax rolls out April 1

  • Ottawa’s Carbon Tax comes into effect on April 1, 2019
  • Farming machinery may be eligible for savings on gas and diesel
  • Farm trucks and tractors, as well as other non Licensed vehicles are included
  • If you are eligible for the Farming Exemption click on the link below


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