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Efficient and Cost Effective

The new high efficiency oil furnace produces an efficiency rating of over 90% compared to older units.

Home heating oil burns 400° hotter than natural gas or propane and provides more heat per unit than all other residential heating methods (about 140,000 BTUs per gallon)

Because it burns so hot your home heats up faster, maintains your desired temperature better, and just feels more comfortable.

Foxton Fuels is a proud supplier of ThermaClean™ a premium home heating fuel formulated to burn cleaner and more efficiently

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Foxton Fuels has 45 years of experience in the home energy industry. Providing safe, clean, and environmentally responsible home heating solutions for our customers, is an important part of our business. We offer on-site tune up service by licensed professionals, and we have built our reputation by continuing to focus on quality service.

Foxton Fuels is a proud supplier of ThermaClean™.


Today’s oil heating systems are much cleaner than in the past with emissions rated at near-zero levels.

Safe and Environmentally Friendly

Biodegradable, non-toxic, non-explosive, and carcinogen-free, home heating oil is one of the safest, eco-friendly ways to heat your home.


Wireless communictation with our trucks is a great benefit to both us and our customers. Wireless means that we are able to track our trucks and their routes and in most cases provide same day delivery to our customers.

We Offer Two Furnace Fuel Delivery Options

1. Automatic Delivery

Automatic fuel delivery automatically calculates when you will need delivery, this is convenient and keeps you from worrying about ever running out of oil.

2. On-Demand

You may call Foxton Fuels when you require furnace oil (48 hour notice). On-demand delivery lets you actively manage and monitor your costs while getting only the fuel you need.

We are happy to discuss which option is most appropriate for your needs.  Please call us today to discuss your home heating options.

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