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Foxton Truck Fleet

We recommend your furnace be cleaned each year by a qualified professional.

A yearly tune up by the Foxton Fuels Burner Service professionals includes:

  • The nozzle and oil filter is changed
  • The smoke pipe is removed and brushed out
  • The chimney is inspected to make sure there are no blockages and that it is up to code.
  • The heat exchanger is inspected to ensure there are no holes or cracks.
  • Exposed fill and vent pipes visually checked for leaks
  • Fuel level indicator seal checked for possible leakage
  • Exposed oil lines checked for leaks or cracks
  • Furnace casing checked for soot deposit
  • Exhaust breaching checked for holes or air leakage
  • Barometric damper cleaned and lubricated
  • Accessible inner heat transfer surfaces of furnace cleaned
  • Combustion chamber cleaned and checked for deterioration
  • Disposable air filter cleaned or replaced
  • Fan, fan housing cleaned
  • Blower motor lubricated; pulleys and belts adjusted
  • Oil cartridge and filter inspected for deterioration and replaced if necessary
  • Oil pressure to nozzle head tested; oil pump checked for leaks
  • Electrodes assembly inspected and necessary adjustments made
  • Air handling parts of the oil burner to be inspected, cleaned and adjusted
  • Pump coupling checked for deterioration
  • Transformer tested
  • Burner motor lubricated
  • Smoke number and furnace draft tested and set
  • Temperature limit switch operation checked
  • After the cleaning is finished the appliance is fired up and an efficiency test is carried out to ensure the highest efficiency is reached.
  • Customer informed of any unsafe conditions

For Your Information

When delivering fuel to you for the first time, all fuel providers, will require a copy of your Comprehensive Inspection Certificate issued by a licensed technician.   This is a TSSA Mandated inspection on your entire heating system and must be done every 10 years. This keeps you protected and ensures that your equipment is working efficiently and safely at the time of the inspection.  At Foxton Fuels we have both service and delivery within the same company which means that we can take care of all your heating needs.

If you recently purchased your new home, the TSSA certificate is transferable.  Please contact your seller to obtain a copy.

As of January 1, 2013 the installation code for oil-burning equipment has been updated to require all new furnace oil tanks to be installed are required to be double bottom or double walled tanks. Single walled tanks must be installed with drip tray and an audible alarm system. Please contact our service department today for a quote on a new double walled furnace oil tank.